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Want to have your voice heard?

Are you an innovative young security professional (or young to the security profession) who has been
in the security field, or who is just breaking into the security field?

Do you have good ideas to assist the security industry in this new era of challenges but your having a
hard time getting your voice out to be heard?

Join ESIS, together with our seasoned security experts to guide you. You CAN have your ideas and
voice heard! ESIS is here to help in your experience building platform .

Join ESIS today and invest in yourself by getting professional training and a professional platform for
you innovative ideas!


Update! Research and development projects.

ESIS will be releasing its two new Security Management courses in 2012. The two courses that are
soon to be released are:

  • ROI in Human Capital Valuation
  • Psychology of Security

The courses are a must for security management professional as well as human resource
management professional. Each course is rated at 5
continued education units (CEU). So this gives
you an idea of the study time involved in its relationship to credits for professional studies.

These courses are designed with the assistance of select professionals in the select fields, this way
ESIS can ensure the students of their quality and their relevance to the security profession.

Stayed tuned, links to be added soon!

Banners bellow, why?

1.Crimeseen is a crime reporting site that ESIS have found to be a very useful tool in combating
crimes in context of reporting them and having them solved. Due to the low budgets and cut back of
many police funding ESIS and crimeseen feel the general public can assist in solving crimes and
making the public aware of crimes in their local.

2.Security Leadership Network is a network of security leaders telling their stories of leadership
experience a well as helping others to develop their leadership skills.

ESIS staff namely Mr. Shamuel kohen is a contributing leader and you can subscribe to that network
for your weekly e-zine on leadership skill.



Welcome to the ESIS (European Society for Industrial Security).

We are currently in the developing stages of ESISONLINE.ORG non profit organization. Due to this fact,
the site contents will be added slowly but surely as we grow.

If you are interested in volunteering your time and have a background in security, IT security,
psychology, law enforcement or any other profession that you think  you have something to contribute,
please contact us and we will be glad to interview you, and see how you can use your talents and
professional abilities. This is a great opportunity for you to get involved and opens doors to opportunity
for motivated people!


Security and safety professionals

If you are a safety and security professional that has in the past wanted to publish your work in the
form of manuals, web news, white papers, this is your opportunity to make yourself known!

Let ESIS help establish you as a recognized professional in your field. If you have an innovative idea or
news that you think could benefit you in your career as well as our community as a whole in the context
of security and safety, this is your chance to make it happen!

Advertising specials

In addition to our grand opening  membership special, we are also offering for a limited time only a
grand opening advertising special. Be one of the first ones to show your support for developing a
security and safety culture within our  community.  

Take part of this special limited time offer and make a difference.
Join now!

ESIS Uganda effort

Due to the lack of quality private security training for organizations in Uganda and the need
to assist organizations in security training. We at ESIS are donating free security educational
training to our partners in Uganda wanting to enter the security field and are having a hard time
getting quality security education due to costs, no proper training format an any reason that would
hinder security related education.

Currently ESIS as partnered up with Ugandan faith based and humanitarian aid organization to
provide this training.  If you are interested in donating and supporting our security efforts in
Uganda please contact us and we can discuss how you can assist in this important life savings




On the positive side. ESIS has now made our online e-learning operational!!

Current courses catalogue and courses are:

Security Management
 Risk management
 Essentials of Verbal Communications
 Essentials of Effective Report writing
 Bomb Threat Awareness for organizations

IT Security & CompTIA Certification
 IT Security
 CompTIA security+
 CompTIA Networking +

Soon to be added:
 Physical Security
 Travel Security
 ESIS Professional Certification.

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